Pam Zaffke

Pam Zaffke

Administrative Assistant

I've worked in the Office of Alumni and Parent Services since July 2008. I partner with the team to coordinate communication, registration, data management, student worker training, and more.

In May 2011, I earned a degree in Christian Ministries through Bethel’s Adult Undergraduate program while working full-time.

Why Pam Loves Her Job

I enjoy being part of a team that cares, encourages, and prays for one another. Out of this environment, I feel energized and able to meet the needs of others.

When someone calls, stops by our office, or attends an event, I hope they feel that we care and are listening for ways that we can exemplify God’s presence to them here at Bethel. As a Bethel parent, I appreciate that Bethel partners with me in helping my son succeed.

Favorite Bethel Experience

I loved studying as an adult learner and believe that the cohort style is a wonderful way to earn a degree. I gained not only a diploma and knowledge, but also meaningful friendships with my classmates and teachers.

As a Bethel employee, I love experiencing Welcome Week alongside all the new students and parents. We have the privilege of greeting everyone and showing that Bethel is a place that cares!

In Her Free Time 

When not at Bethel, I love to read, explore new places, and spend time with my husband and two sons. I also love to talk with others about their strengths and personalities to encourage them to see how beautifully and uniquely God has created them and help them identify ways that they can positively contribute to their families and workplaces. 

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