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New Cross-Departmental Web Services Team to Serve Bethel University

Publication date: Jul 9, 2008 9:42 a.m.

A cross-departmental Web Services team, co-directed by Director of Electronic Communications Mark Erickson and Director of Technical Web Services Mike Vedders, has been formed by Information Technology Services and the Office of Communications and Marketing to cooperatively address Bethel University’s growing needs related to improving Bethel’s online presence. Specifically, the team will address needs in the areas of:

  • electronic communication,
  • online marketing, and
  • technical web integration and support.

The services offered to Bethel’s internal groups through Web Services include:

  • web consulting,
  • web design,
  • web development,
  • web application management,
  • site analytics,
  • web optimization, and
  • web project management.

This is a unique opportunity for Bethel to leverage existing skill sets and competencies across departments. By structuring Web Services as a cross-departmental team, communications and marketing and ITS can maximize their web offerings while conserving scarce community resources. Resources will be shared so that internal clients receive consultation, copy, design, and technical support from a single group.

This team has worked together over the past year to evaluate and prioritize existing web development needs. Initial efforts have focused on improving online communication related to admissions areas. The most recent advancement has been the decentralization of content management. This allows the admissions offices to maintain their own content to ensure information is current for prospective students. The team will continue to improve the admissions sites in the areas of design, navigation, and functionality.

In addition, Web Services has consulted with a number of departments that are seeking web services offered by external providers. These departments include: alumni and parent services, career services, and the campus store. For these projects, Web Services is collaborating with the Information Services Team to ensure that Bethel’s various constituencies are well served and that the university’s data security/privacy concerns are addressed.

This summer, among other projects, Web Services will begin to explore opportunities for conducting primary and secondary research and usability testing, which will provide a solid foundation for a university-wide website redesign. As for launching a redesign project, Web Services will drive project management by partnering to coordinate a team that will identify stakeholder needs.

Web Services team members from communications and marketing and ITS will be working together from the third floor of Townhouse H. If you have any questions regarding how Web Services can help your office or department, contact