Pastors and Ministry Leaders Seminars

It’s our goal to provide ministry leaders with training opportunities that can lead to more effective ministry. At our seminars and conferences, you'll experience:

  • Teaching. Using recent research, we take a look at new paradigms while reinforcing Biblical truths and teachings.
  • Networking. We want to connect you to others serving in the same ministry area—iron sharpening iron.
  • Discussion. It’s important for pastors and ministry leaders to explore new ideas and be a catalyst for change, while still maintaining the centrality of Jesus Christ and authority of God’s Word.

Upcoming Seminars

Engaging and Equipping for Mission with Ed Stetzer
   Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vision Casting with Joel Johnson - Encore
   Thursday, April 9, 2014

Human Trafficking - Priceless Goods with Wendy Patrick
   Wednesday, April 24, 2014