Disability Resources and Services

Testing Center

Office of Disability Resources and Services (DRS) has partnered with the CAS Department of Academic Affairs to pilot a testing center initiative.


AC 331


Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Closed for Chapel

Testing Requests

Professors can request use of the testing center by following the testing request process. The testing request and administration process is managed by Lis von Schmidt-Pauli, Office of Disability Resources and Services Coordinator, and proctored by student staff selected and trained by the Office of Disability Resources and Services.

Make Up Tests & Taking Tests Early

The decision about allowing a student to take a test early or late is made by each instructor. The existence of a testing center does not obligate faculty to allow students to take a test at a time different from when the test is taken by the rest of the class, but is meant to facilitate this process when deem appropriate by the instructor.

Testing Accommodations

Students with disabilities whose accommodations include an extended time to take a test or a testing environment different from the setting where the test will be given to other students must be allowed to take their tests under the conditions indicated in their accommodation letter issued by the Director of Disability Resources and Services. These tests will be given at the same time that the class exam is being offered.

Student Roles & Responsibilities

Students should review their roles and responsibilities related to the process for scheduling, day of testing procedures, and rules for test taking.