College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Information

Commencement is the capstone event in higher education, celebrating a great deal of academic effort and hard work by both graduates and faculty. Thank you for your investment in the lives of CAS students.

Commencement Ceremony

Saturday, May 24
9 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 4 p.m. | Doors open 1 hour before the ceremony starts.
Benson Great Hall

Your academic department has been assigned to one ceremony. Check department assignments to confirm which ceremony is yours.

Full-time faculty members are expected to participate in their department’s ceremony unless excused by the acting dean. Adjunct faculty members are encouraged to participate, especially if students from their department are graduating.

In May you will receive an email containing commencement details and a response form. Please respond by the due date.

Faculty Lineup

There is no rehearsal. Instead, important instructions will be given at lineup. Report to CC311 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. Wear your full academic regalia, including cap, gown, and hood.

If you are part of the program personnel, report instead to the President’s Office 15 minutes before the ceremony starts.

Faculty members are part of the processional and recessional and sit on stage during the ceremony. Students will process into Benson Great Hall first, followed by faculty and then program personnel. The recessional order is opposite: program personnel recess out first, followed by faculty and then graduates.

Commencement Reception

A reception for graduates, guests, and faculty will take place in Brushaber Commons after the ceremony. Please go directly to the reception to meet graduates and their guests. Hallway hosts will direct everyone to the reception. Signs identifying academic departments will be posted throughout the reception area as gathering points for grads, guests, and faculty. Some departments will gather in The Underground, and some in Monson Dining Center. Refreshments will be available.


Wear your full regalia, including cap, gown, and hood. If you do not own regalia, you may rent or purchase it through the Campus Store. Email Brenda Edinger at for details. Orders must be placed by May 1 to ensure delivery.


Direct students to student information. Direct guests to guest information. If you have questions about your role in commencement, email Anna Kaihoi at