Class of 2003 Reunion Party

Hey Bethel College Class of 2003!

It’s been ten years since we graduated. Where have the past ten years taken your life? Come join us on Saturday, October 5 for our reunion and share your stories of adventure since Bethel.

Our alma mater has seen some changes in the past ten years. Bethel is now  a university with new buildings, dorms and courses of study.  Our reunion is your opportunity to see those changes.

Following the hors d’oeuvres reception and Royal Celebration, we’ll gather for the Class of 2003 reunion party in the NEW dining center (where there will be plenty of room!). We’ll enjoy an evening together remembering our time at Bethel as well as catching up on our adventures since graduating.

We look forward to celebrating our 10-year reunion together.  You won’t want to miss out, as our next reunion will be our 20-year in 2023 (when we’ll be over 40!)


Saturday, October 5

  • Reunion Reception (Brushaber Commons) | 5:30-6:30 p.m.
  • Royal Celebration (Benson Great Hall) | 7-8 p.m.
  • Class of 2003 Reunion Party (Monson Dining Center) | 8-11 p.m.

Check out the full Homecoming schedule to see all the great events and activities planned for the weekend.


Register now for Homecoming and the Class of 2003 Reunion package. The package is $15/person and includes the Reunion Reception, Royal Celebration, and Class Reunion Party. The online registration deadline is Sunday, September 29.

Stay connected

  • Submit photos. We're compiling a slideshow of photos to show at the reunion party, and we hope to include photos of as many classmates as possible! Please send photos from our college days to If you have more recent shots of people from our class, feel free to submit those too!
  • Update your info. Make sure your information is current so you don't miss out on any Bethel events or opportunities.

Missing classmates

Anybody know where these folks are? It’d be a shame if they missed our party just because we don’t have a current email address!

  • Evan Burke
  • Nicole Green
  • Alecia Johnson Hanson
  • Alaina Neel Hollenkamp
  • Benjamin Howington
  • Jonathan Kerslake
  • Krista Lamoureux
  • Debra Brown Messenger
  • Rebecca Miller
  • Robin Carlson Moravec
  • Brenda Carlson Nicholson
  • Michael Page
  • Anna Rawski
  • Gwen Whitson

If you know how to get in touch with any of these classmates, (gently) encourage them to update their info or call the Office of Alumni and Parent Services at 651.638.6462!


Bethel has secured discounted rates for campus guests at several area hotels. View a list of hotels and request their "Bethel rate."


For more information about Homecoming and our Class Reunion, contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Services at 651.638.6462 or 800.255.8706, ext. 6462, or email


Class of 2003 Reunion Team:

  • Emily Allen
  • Erica Cullinane Drake
  • Timothy Kenney
  • Bretta Vrieze Speck
  • Deborah Thomas

Register Now

We're Registered!

  • Jason Wenell & Shanelle Wenell (Lee)
  • Kirsten Lindberg
  • Paul Huntington (Johnson) & Terilyn Huntington (Johnston)
  • Anna Pitrone (Larson)
  • Sarah Swedlund (Sedlack)
  • Kristen Smyth (Nesvig) & Tony Smyth
  • Molly Ullenberg
  • Bretta Speck (Vrieze) & Justin Speck
  • Rachel Rhoadarmer (Pinkerton) & Curtis Rhoadarmer
  • Deborah Thomas
  • Peggy Anderson (Sanders) & Aaron Anderson
  • Krista Dowdey (Janssen)
  • Eva Cone (Bjork)
  • Andrea Traudt
  • Emily Allen
  • Danika Peterson (Klyve) & Matt Peterson
  • Sara Stream (VanGuilder) & Erik Stream
  • Melissa Herzog (Reinart)
  • Luke Mattson
  • Emily Downing (Conover)
  • Kaley Kobbervig
  • Robert Anderson & Jessica Anderson (Johnson)
  • Edmund Kopietz
  • Amanda Robertson (Berry) & Eric Robertson
  • Kristen D'Arpa
  • Timothy Kenney & Monique Taylor
  • Becky DeWaay
  • Elizabeth Freeburg (Peyton)
  • Katie Juergens (Tacheny)
  • Kristin Sanford (Stark)
  • Ben Hayle & Jennie Hayle (Jutila)
  • Christina Rice
  • Stephen Hanson & Laura Hanson
  • Elizabeth Escalante (Ecklund) & Leo Escalante
  • Jared Rohwer
  • Mary Hoffman (Kumba) & David Hoffman
  • Deborah Zongo (Jahnke)
  • Kristine Isaac (Karle)
  • Rachelle Price
  • Kristin Patten (Weimer)
  • Jody Kobbervig
  • Jonathan Green & Erin Green (Tri)
  • Katy Yenter (O'Neill) & Tom Yenter
  • Becky Houle (Asp)
  • Sarah Selby (Grono)
  • Tricia Miller (Shaver)
  • Kelsey Hunt (McNichols) & Ryan Hunt
  • Nate Larson
  • Lindsey Buchanan (Davis)
  • Elise Rieke (Bock) & Peter Rieke
  • Erica Drake (Cullinane)
  • Kari Hanson & Eric Ostlie
  • Kim Miller (Thomas)
  • Wendy Hemme (Bengtson) & Troy Hemme
  • Marie Wonders (Hennig) & Paul Wonders
  • Dara Lehto (Moen) & Dan Lehto
  • Becky Montpetit (Wiens)
  • Amy Leafblad