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Sandy Clark

Development Officer, Seminary

Sandy Clark has a long history with Bethel. Her initial connection to Bethel came when her husband, David (now Vice President and Dean of Bethel Seminary), joined the Bethel Seminary faculty in 1988.

Sandy also taught College Writing as an adjunct at Bethel from 1988-1995.

Experiencing the classroom side of Bethel and interacting with Bethel students gave her a helpful background for telling the Bethel story. “I’ve seen firsthand what makes the investment of time, talent, and treasure in developing Christian leaders a strategic stewardship choice,” she says.

Why Sandy Enjoys Her Work

Sandy enjoys seeing God’s work in student lives and being part of a team of people—donors, staff, and faculty—who make good things happen at Bethel. They inspire her.

Being a Bethel Parent

Sandy saw Bethel from a new angle when her 2 sons, Tyler ’03, ’S07 and Ryan C’09, enrolled:

“I experienced in a more direct way what it is that makes a Bethel education so special. I saw the profound influence of caring Christian professors and coaches, the deep bond of faith-sharing friends, the impact of an overseas experience, and the challenge—fully integrated into class, dorm, chapel, and athletic field life—to make a Kingdom difference in the world.”

Guiding Scripture Passage

Ephesians 3:16-20

Best Bethel Experience         

One of her most cherished experiences at Bethel is observing pre-schoolers in Bethel’s King Child Development Center. “Listening in as 3 and 4-year-olds talk to God during prayer time reminds me of how real and trusting we are all invited to be in His presence,” she says.

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