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When we at Bethel Seminary speak of developing leaders, we mean something specific. We do not educate intellectuals to take the titles of leadership. Using our unique approach to education, we develop people who live their lives with relevance and impact.

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Have you ever thought about things you do to leave a legacy that lasts for generations?

Investors in Bethel Seminary help educate leaders who make a difference. Bethel Seminary grad, David Sorn, leads a church plant in which 150 people have come to faith. By supporting students like David, Bethel Seminary investors sew seeds of eternal impact every day.

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"Measure our performance by what God accomplishes through our graduates after they have been prepared at Bethel to go out into the world to serve."
- John Alexis Edgren, Founder

Ramon Pastrano
RAMON PASTRANO led four international trips last year through his non-profit, Impact Lives. These research-based learning experiences help men and women appreciate their own God-given gifts, see cultures with fresh eyes, and embrace the privilege of serving God’s kingdom.