Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education Workshop

You know about Google Mail and Google Calendar, but what about all those other items on your mail homepage? What is “Drive” and what happened to my “Docs” link. In this workshop we will be looking at a number of Google Apps For Education products and how they can be used in a collaborative, academic setting.

This is not a workshop about how to use Google Mail or Calendar in a non-academic setting.

At this workshop, we will cover:

  • Policies relating to the use of Google Apps

    • HIPAA

    • FERPA

    • Required Use in Course

  • Overview of the main Google Apps

    • Profile

    • Drive

    • Hangouts

    • Huddles

    • Sparks

    • YouTube

    • Sites (pending web services decision)

    • Blogger (pending web services decision)

  • Use of Google Apps for collaborative work

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Scott Strand is an Instructional Technologist with Teaching and Learning Technology.

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