November 2013 Trustee Meeting Summary

November 8, 2013 | 4:03 p.m.

The Bethel University Board of Trustees met over the last several days, finishing at noon, Thursday, November 7. Thirty-two trustees were able to come to campus; faculty, student, and alumni observers and senior staff members participated in discussions with the trustees in committee meetings and plenary sessions. Trustees reviewed the work of the university regarding program prioritization and future plans, and affirmed the work of the faculty and the administration.


  • Reports from President Barnes and Kathleen Nelson regarding the current financial picture for FY14.
  • Recognition of 2012-13 fundraising, the largest amount in any year.
  • A final report from Senior Vice President Lindvall and Michael Vedders regarding the refreshment of the institutional brand, which received high praise from trustees.
  • Trustee and staff discussion in a small-group format regarding approaches to strengthening the visibility of Bethel programs for parents and prospective students.
  • An evening session led by Dr. Sarah Wyse in the new “active learning” classroom, which the president and trustees regarded as extraordinarily effective.
  • An opportunity for faculty observers from each academic unit to address the Academic Programs Committee regarding institutional change and program prioritization.

Actions taken

Ratification of earlier Executive Committee actions:
  • Authorization of faculty promotions to full professor: Dr. Phyllis Alsdurf, Journalism; Dr. Christian Collins Winn, BTS; Dr. Christopher Gehrz, History; Dr. Juan Hernández Jr., BTS; Dr. Barbara Hoglund, Nursing;Dr. Brian Hyatt, Biology; Dr. Peggy Kendall, Communication Studies; Mr. Lex Thompson, Art; Dr. Raymond VanArragon, Philosophy; Dr. Jonathan Van Berkom, Biology; and Mr. Jeffrey Wetzig, Art
  • Endorsement of administrative recommendations regarding program prioritization
  • Election of four new trustees, and ratification of the election of three new members of the Board of Governors of the Bethel University Foundation
Approval of resolutions from committees:
  • Approval of students in CAS and CAPS/GS for December graduation
  • Approval to implement and evaluate a policy of Biblically Responsible Investing
  • Confirmation of the election of three members of the Bethel Seminary Executive Advisory Board
  • Authorization for the administration to purchase the building at 2 Pine Tree Drive in Arden Hills and to sell the Bethel Office Center and the Arden Hills Library property