Forming a Strategic Coalition for Bethel University

May 5, 2014 | 11 a.m.

As one of the leading Christian universities in the country, Bethel has built an outstanding reputation for academic excellence and transformational education. And like most private higher education institutions, Bethel is facing an era of unprecedented change. The higher education marketplace is undergoing a significant shift requiring Bethel, like many schools, to identify new strategies to help us thrive in the years ahead as we pursue our Christ-centered mission.

In anticipation of this, Bethel is convening a strategic coalition of members of the Board of Trustees and senior administrators to develop a vision and set of strategic objectives to guide the university over the next 10 years. The purpose is to chart a course for sustainable success in fulfillment of Bethel's mission. The coalition process will include key intersection points with campus stakeholders—faculty, staff, alumni, and students.

Outcomes for this project will include:

  • A 10-year vision for Bethel University;
  • Strategies to drive Bethel toward that vision;
  • Identification of initiatives to implement those strategies;
  • An implementation plan for each initiative and a change management plan to ensure organizational readiness.

Bethel is at the right time to embark on this long-range strategic process. The work of the coalition, informed by engagement with stakeholders, will provide much-needed input as we finalize the Campus Master Plan. In addition, the work of the (CAS) College of the Future task force and the Bethel Seminary strategic planning project are among those current initiatives that are relevant to this effort. Finally, a comprehensive campaign planning study is being launched to identify the elements of highest potential for a successful fundraising campaign. All these initiatives are integrally related and will be coordinated with the work of the coalition as we proceed.

The coalition team includes: trustees, Collin Barr, Dan Dye, Jim Green, Joel Johnson, Dan Lindh, Tim Traudt, Julie White, and Harold Wiens, and administrators, Jay Barnes, Deb Harless, Joe LaLuzerne, Pat Mazorol, and Ruben Rivera.

The coalition project will launch during the Board of Trustees meeting on May 8-9. Faculty and staff leaders will be given information about opportunities for participation in this project before the end of the spring semester. Initial recommendations will be presented at the board meeting in October.

The Christ-centered mission of Bethel University positions the institution in distinctive ways within the world of higher education. We are grateful that each of you shares a commitment to that mission. This project will help us refine our focus as we aim to “equip men and women to lead and serve in the name of Christ” in even greater numbers for future generations. We are excited about this project and look forward to seeing what God has in store for Bethel. Please be in prayer for God’s leading as we embark on this journey together.

Jay Barnes

Jim Green
Vice Chair
Bethel University Board of Trustees