Reconciliation Task Force

At the request of President Barnes, the Reconciliation task force has been formed to "identify an approach toward diversity that could guide a second leg of Bethel's journey towards reconciliation."

The task force will help us determine a framework for promoting reconciliation, increasing diversity, reducing racism, elevating global engagement, and enhancing cultural competence.

Committee Members

  • Keith Brooks
  • Laurel Bunker
  • David Clark (co-chair)
  • Paul Eddy
  • Mark Harden
  • Lori Jass
  • Carrie Jones
  • Joe LaLuzerne
  • Karen McKinney
  • Elizabeth Peterson
  • Ruben Rivera
  • Leon Rodrigues (co-chair)
  • Steven Sandage
  • Edee Schulze
  • Bernard Walker

Resources and Updates for the Bethel Community

The task force is committed to working through the project while providing updates and resources for the Bethel community along the way.