Strategic Coalition

What is the Strategic Coalition?

It’s a board-initiated project involving trustees, senior administrators, and faculty from all schools who have embarked on a process to develop a vision and set of strategic objectives to guide the university over the next 10 years. It will leverage the talent and capabilities of all stakeholders in an effort to accelerate the way the university responds to the rapid changes affecting higher education.

Why do we need to do this?

Bethel has built an outstanding reputation for academic excellence and transformational education. And like most private higher education institutions, Bethel is facing an era of unprecedented change. It is important that we identify new innovative strategies to help the university thrive in the years ahead. This project will provide much needed input as we finalize the Campus Master Plan. We have also launched a comprehensive campaign planning study to identify the elements of highest potential for a successful fundraising campaign, which will allow us to accomplish the initiatives from the coalition’s work.

What are the objectives of this project?

The shared objectives for this project include:

  • A 10-year vision for Bethel University that positions it to thrive and to serve its constituents well;
  • Strategies to drive Bethel toward that vision;
  • An implementation plan for initiatives; and
  • A change management plan to ensure organizational readiness.

Who is helping us with this project?

This is a board-directed project in collaboration with the president, senior administrators, and faculty representatives. We have partnered with Noonday Ventures who help leaders engineer management systems that generate momentum. With their help and coaching skills, we will be able to identify long-range growth opportunities, strategic clarity, and a clear and achievable vision and strategic choices that will guide the university with long-term success.

What are the major components?

Through large group and small working teams the coalition team will:

  • Conduct environmental analysis;
  • Identify long-term vision;
  • Examine critical success factors;
  • Identify strategic choices;
  • Develop scenarios with rationale;
  • Establish implementation plans for strategic initiatives.

Who is involved?

Jim Green, chair of the Board of Trustees, and President Barnes are leading this project.

Additional members include:

  • Robert Bjork - trustee
  • Jeannine Brown - seminary faculty
  • Carla Dahl - CAPS/GS faculty
  • Dan Dye - trustee
  • Chris Gehrz - CAS faculty
  • Deb Harless - administrator
  • Joel Johnson - trustee
  • Joyce LeMay - CAS faculty
  • Dan Lindh - trustee
  • Joe LaLuzerne - administrator
  • Pat Mazorol - administrator
  • Ruben Rivera - faculty/administrator
  • Harold Smith - trustee
  • Harold Weins - trustee
  • Julie White - trustee

Are there ways I can be involved?

The coalition process will include opportunities for key stakeholders—faculty, staff, alumni, students, and parents—to interact with the process through research and focus groups, surveys, by attending communication sessions, and by submitting articles, data, and other resources that can help inform the strategic process. Additional opportunities to interact with findings, activities, and initiatives will be provided throughout the process.