Session 1: June 9-10, 2014

Representatives from the board, faculty, and administration met for the first time and were facilitated by Ted Harro and Paul Krause from Noonday Ventures. It was a fast-paced two days that examined history, trends, impacts, etc., with the objective of gaining a shared perspective on Bethel’s current strategic position.

Through movement around campus and interactivity the group gained different perspectives to help open up thinking. Conversations were candid and respectful. There was openness to understanding different viewpoints.

Significant work was assigned to occur between sessions with small working teams. Each team has selected three trends to analyze and create visual representations of a potential scenario for Bethel to consider.

A wonderful aspect of this important work is the prayer team that has committed to pray for the work, the team, and the community on a regular basis throughout the project. Specifically board member Pastor Michael Henderson is leading a team of trustee members in daily prayer for the project and for Bethel. Dr. Henderson has created a daily calendar to guide the prayer team.

Get Involved:

Do you have any questions or ideas to pass along to the Strategic Coalition?

Do you have resources, articles, research, etc., that would be helpful for this project?

The coalition is looking for feedback and ideas from the community. Any thoughts and resources are welcome and can be submitted to Heidi Wolf.