National Prayer Initiative

Prayer Points

April 2014

Dear Praying Friends of Bethel,

May this Holy Week bring hope and joy to your heart.

This month our prayer requests and praises come from a variety of areas within the university. We thank you for your willingness to lift up these items in prayer. In a recent conversation with one of our prayer partners, he asked to continue to receive the paper copy along with the email version. He tucks the copy into his Bible as a daily reminder to pray for Bethel. However or whenever it is that you are reminded to pray, we are grateful that you do!

  1. Praise for safety and learning that characterized the missions trips, musical group tours, sports teams travel, and more during the recent spring break.
  2. Praise for the recent Grandparents Day, during which nearly 300 grandparents spent the day going to classes and chapel with their grandson or granddaughter. This has become a very special and bonding experience for those who are able to participate.
  3. Praise for the 60 who attended the Royal Athletic Association Breakfast and were able to hear updates from Head Coaches Steve Johnson (football) and Doug Novak (men's basketball).
  4. Pray for enrollment projections for this fall to increase. Bethel is a tuition-driven institution and must budget according to projections. That is a reality. But Bethel is first and foremost a provider of robust Christian higher education: offering students in each school within the university a life-changing educational experience that is faith-based and fosters spiritual formation. We hope for many more students to attend and receive the gift of a Bethel education!
  5. Pray for the current searches for candidates for the following key positions: Chief Financial Officer, Vice President and Dean for the College of Arts & Sciences, and Chief Diversity Officer.
  6. Pray for the President's Cabinet meeting on April 21.
  7. Pray for the Board of Trustee meetings on May 8 and 9.
  8. Pray for the Royal Heritage Society Dinner before the Classics in the Great Hall concert on May 9. This dinner will honor those who have  included Bethel in their estate plans or have given consistently to Bethel over the last 20 years.
  9. Pray for a community gathering to be hosted by President Barnes on May 15 for faculty and staff to provide a time to come together as a community, share information, and pray for continued wisdom and God's guidance for Bethel.
  10. Pray for President and Mrs. Barnes as they meet with key contacts, attend a host of end-of-school year activities, communicate hope and excitement about Bethel's future, and travel on Bethel's behalf. Please pray for their health and safety.

There are always needs and there are always joys in a complex institution such as Bethel. Your prayers help to meet Bethel's needs and add to the joy - just knowing you are with us in prayer.

Easter blessings,

Judy Moseman and Julie Tutt, Co-coordinators

March 2014

Dear Praying Friends of Bethel,

Your prayers this month are once again timely and needed. Bethel's Spring Break occurs from March 17-24, during which time students from the Seminary, CAPS/GS, and the College of Arts & Sciences will be away from their regular schedule and classes. many will be traveling for ministry and/or for fun. Please pray for safety, for sleep, and for substantive, live-giving experiences as students head for sunshine, service, and/or rest.

Also timely are these praises and requests from Andrew Denton, Ph.D., Bethel's vice president for enrollment management for six months. He has responsibility for all admissions departments and financial aid throughout the university.

  1. Pray for the CAS prospective students who will be making decisions about where to attend college. Our prayer is that the Lord will bring the right number of students - students who are a good fit for Bethel.
  2. Our admissions counselors and financial aid counselors will be working with hundreds of families to review their financial aid award letters. Pray the Lord will give them wisdom as they have these conversations.
  3. For wisdom and the ability to learn a tremendous amount of information for our new director of CAS admissions, Bret Hyder, who started March 12. Pray similarly for two new admissions counselors who joined our team on March 3, David Freed and Jen Lee.
  4. Ask the Lord to bring the right new director of admissions for the Seminary and a new director of admissions for CAPS/GS. We need wisdom during the hiring process.
  5. Pray for strong retention for all three of our schools. It's important that students don't just start a degree at Bethel, but complete one as well.
  6. Pray for favor with prospective students in Seminary, CAPS/GS, and CAS, that the Lord will use the marketing and communication initiatives to attract students to Bethel.
  7. Pray for strength for our financial aid staff as they process hundreds of financial aid award letters and thousands of dollars of financial aid.
  8. We hope for very favorable response in Des Moines, IA area as we have a Bethel event on April 29 promoting all schools (CAS, CAPS/GS, and Seminary).

As always, your prayers are so appreciated!

Judy Moseman and Julie Tutt, Co-coordinators