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Campus Master Plan

The primary purpose of the Campus Master Plan 2.0 project is to re-imagine how to meet our space needs as Bethel goes into the future, particularly in light of the Anderson Center and the Strategic Plan.

Our partners at Credo, who have extensive experience in campus planning for private institutions like Bethel, are guiding us through the planning process. Community input will be used as we update our Campus Master Plan and develop scenarios for how the Anderson Center might be used.

Provide feedback for Campus Master Plan 2.0.

Steering Committee

The steering committee represents all areas of the university and is responsible for gathering input from across the community to better inform the campus master plan decisions regarding Anderson Center.

  • Jay Barnes, president
  • Katie Bonawitz, associate professor of education
  • Laurel Bunker, dean of campus ministries and campus pastor
  • David Clark, vice president and dean for Bethel Seminary
  • Dick Crombie, vice president and dean for College of Adult & Professional Studies and Graduate School
  • Barrett Fisher, dean of arts and humanities, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Ryan Gunderson, associate dean for student affairs, CAPS/GS
  • Deb Harless, executive vice president and provost
  • Molly Holmes, director of operations for facilities management
  • Justin Irving, professor of ministry leadership
  • Monique Kleinhuizen, communications strategist
  • Joe LaLuzerne, senior vice president for strategic planning and operational effectiveness
  • Mike Lindsey, associate director of planning and projects for facilities management
  • Mark Miles, senior vice president for advancement
  • Mark Posner, vice president for facilities and technology
  • Chad Osgood, associate professor of human kinetics and applied health sciences
  • Ruben Rivera, chief diversity officer
  • Bob Schuchardt, general manager for Sodexo
  • Timothy Shaw, professor of biological sciences
  • David Stewart, director of university libraries
  • Deb Sullivan-Trainor, vice president and dean for College of Arts & Sciences
  • Zoe Vermeer, student body president
  • William Washington, vice president for student life

Timeline for Planning Phase

September 2015

  • Steering Committee meetings to identify key areas for further exploration and consideration before building out the Anderson Center
  • Individual Committee Task Team meetings to collect department-specific information

October 2015

  • Steering Committee meeting to review Task Team reports
  • Based on all the ideas and input gathered, develop 2-3 scenarios for assigning space to the three major zones: 1) the buildings at 3900 Bethel Drive; 2) the seminary complex; and 3) Anderson Center
  • Community feedback sessions to review and discuss 3 scenarios (See the scenarios and data that were presented during the community sessions.)
  • Board of Trustees meeting - review and discuss the 3 scenarios
  • Steering Committee meeting to review feedback from Community Sessions

November to December 2015

  • Steering Committee meets multiple times to discuss community feedback on the three proposed scenarios.
  • A fourth proposal that would keep all CAS academic departments and student-facing offices at 3900 was explored (along with data on space needs) and presented to the community for feedback.

January 2016

  • Steering Committee reconvenes to review all the gathered feedback before identifying a plan for Credo to draw up in greater detail.  

February 2016

  • Presentation of final recommendation to the Board of Trustees

Revisit the original work of the Campus Master Plan from 2011-12.