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Campus Master Plan 2011-12

The primary purpose of the Campus Master Plan project is to improve the student, staff, and faculty experience at Bethel through a long-term plan for future facility needs that is true to our identity and consistent with our strategic priorities.

Our partners at Performa Higher Education, who have extensive experience in campus planning for private institutions like Bethel, are guiding us through the planning process.

Planning Team

The planning team is responsible to gather input from across the community and make decisions that reflect Bethel’s strategic priorities as well as build on the original vision and design for the campus. 

  • Jeannine Brown
  • Laurel Bunker
  • David Clark
  • Dick Crombie
  • Deb Harless
  • Joe LaLuzerne
  • Sherie Lindvall
  • Pat Mazorol
  • Kathleen Nelson
  • Wayne Roosa
  • Edee Schulze
  • Sara Shady
  • David Stewart
  • Tyler Sura
  • Tom Trainor

Timeline for Planning Phase

Summer 2011

  • Analysis of current facilities

September 2011

  • Visioning workshops for all employees
  • Focus group sessions with students from all schools
  • Institutional modeling (including enrollment projections and anticipated staffing levels)

October 2011

  • Campus master plan scenario development – scenarios which accommodate major strategic themes and campus needs
  • Scenarios shared with campus community for feedback
  • A preferred scenario emerges

November 2011

  • Specific projects and priorities are identified and placed on timelines of 5 and 10 years with corresponding cost estimates and plans for funding

January 2012

  • Final campus master plan delivered, including detailed listing of projects with five-and ten-year schedules and corresponding plans for financing

February 2012

October 2012