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Moving the Needle

Just as recruiting the right students is important, retaining those students is also important to Bethel's mission. Moving the Needle is a project to look comprehensively at student success and retention in the College of Arts & Sciences.

This 12-18 month project will be a partnership with Credo (formerly Performa Higher Education). Through this project, we hope to improve student success and retention by raising expectations for

  • Student engagement
  • Academic performance
  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual growth

Two-Phased Approach

The project will be broken into two major phases:

  1. Phase One: Discover and Define. This phase will provide us with a comprehensive picture of who our CAS students are, their needs, the nature of our current services, and the possible new solutions that would meet student needs. This phase should be completed by May 2013.
  2. Phase Two: Design and Deliver. The focus of this phase is implementation and will likely span the 2013-2014 academic year.

Project Team

  • Timothy Bredow
  • Laurel Bunker
  • Timothy Hammer
  • Deb Harless
  • Joe LaLuzerne
  • Sam Mulberry
  • Dan Nelson
  • Deb Sullivan-Trainor
  • Marie Wisner
  • Sara Wyse

Project Resources

As the project continues, resources and additional information will be made available to the Bethel community.