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Prioritization & Review

Prioritization and Review was a process that began during the 2012-13 academic year as a result of the financial challenges the university faced. While it started as overcoming a budget shortfall, it has become an opportunity to plan strategically for the future by evaluating programs, departments, and university functions to determine what services are essential to the university’s mission and how they can be done most effectively and efficiently.

General FAQ about the project results

The work is led by members of the President's Cabinet and has also included:

Project Support

  • Deb Harless
  • Joe LaLuzerne
  • Joel Frederickson
  • Dan Nelson
  • Bruce Wheeler
  • Cara Wald
  • Julie Doehrmann

Segment Working Team Members

  • Deb Sullivan‐Trainor
  • Barrett Fisher
  • Pamela Erwin
  • Jeff Port
  • Gary Long
  • Joyce LeMay
  • Ken Rohly
  • Leon Rodrigues
  • David Clark
  • Ross Jahnke
  • Mark McCloskey
  • Paul Ferris
  • Mark Strauss
  • Sherry Stockton
  • Doug Fombelle
  • Sarah Sauerbry
  • Dick Crombie
  • Ryan Gunderson
  • Judi Landrum
  • Craig Paulson
  • Molly Wickam
  • David Mowers
  • Edee Schulze
  • Sherie Lindvall
  • Laurel Bunker
  • Joseph Dworak
  • Marie Wisner
  • Ray VanArragon
  • Pat Mazorol
  • Chuck Stroud
  • Jen Niska
  • Ralph Gustafson
  • Nikki Daniels
  • Mark Posner
  • Kathleen Nelson
  • Tom Trainor
  • Bruce Olsen

Resources and Updates for the Bethel Community

The task force is committed to working through the project while providing updates and resources for the Bethel community along the way.