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Staff Compensation & Performance Management

In 2011, Bethel launched the Staff Compensation and Performance Management (SCPM) project, with the goal of developing new staff compensation and performance management systems that affirm Bethel’s investment in its employees.

Staff Compensation and Performance Management Philosophy

Boldly informed and motivated by the Christian faith, Bethel University’s mission is to educate and energize men and women for leadership, scholarship, and service. The university believes that each staff member is an investment in Bethel’s future and is committed to designing and maintaining a total compensation (salary and benefits) system that recognizes the contributions that staff members make to Bethel’s mission. The total compensation system aspires to meet the following key objectives:

  • Recruitment and retention. Attract, develop, retain, and reward high-quality staff at all levels of responsibility.
  • Performance based. Foster staff understanding of the impact of individual and team performance on the university’s mission and reward staff on the basis of such performance.
  • Internally equitable and externally competitive. In order to recruit and retain staff, both internal and external market forces need to be acknowledged in the design of a total compensation system. Bethel also believes that the benefits provided by the university add significant value in establishing a competitive total compensation package.
  • Valid and reliable. Provide consistent application of job evaluation, position evaluation, and pay programs.
  • Sustainable. Design and administer plans and programs in a financially sustainable manner.
  • Compliance. Comply with all state and federal laws and regulations.

The development of the staff compensation and performance management programs is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees and the Office of Human Resources. The Office of Human Resources will periodically review overall program effectiveness and propose short-term and long-term refinements.

The university is accountable to regularly review and adjust this philosophy to match changing market and economic conditions.

Resources and Updates for the Bethel Community

An advisory committee is in place to work through the project, providing updates and resources for the Bethel community along the way.