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Wellness Center

Wellness Center

A new well-equipped, state-of-the-art Wellness Center is Bethel's highest capital priority. This multi-phase project will serve as a model of innovation, occupying approximately 22,000 square feet of new and retrofitted space between the Robertson Physical Education Center (RC) and the Hagstrom Center (HC). Situated at the heart of campus, it will serve the entire Bethel community with one integrated, easily accessible location that promotes fitness, wellness, and biokinetics. Community outreach programs will ensure that the Wellness Center will also serve the wider community.

Recruitment and Retention

Bethel recognizes that a wellness center, capable of accommodating all students, is essential to recruitment efforts. We are committed to offering student-centered environments that create the foundation to educate, strengthen, and develop the whole person: academically, spiritually, socially, and physically.


Current facilities are limited and used primarily by athletic teams, while most students use off-campus fitness centers at their own expense, lessening the on-campus community experience.


Located at the center of campus, the Wellness Center will serve the entire community by providing one integrated, easily accessible location.

Health and Wellness

Students today want to stay fit and are committed to a healthy and active lifestyle. A new facility will provide them with the amenities they need to accomplish their health goals.

Watch the project unfold

Ground Breaking

Trailer Removal


Begin Construction

November 2014

Open Wellness Center

Fall 2015

Project Team/Contacts

Project Executive

  • Mark Posner

Project Manager

  • Mike Lindsey

Construction Manager

  • Winkelman

Project Architects

  • DLR

Executive Sponsors Advisory Team

  • Pat Brooke  
  • Deb Harless
  • Joe LaLuzerne