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Core Courses

BUILD students will complete 40-50 credits to attain an Applied Skills Certificate. Those credits will include core courses, internships, and other selected Bethel University courses. Our courses are designed to meet students where they’re at and help each individual student develop essential skills for college and independent living.

Core course topics will follow 4 threads:

  • Independent Living
  • Social skills/Self-determination and problem-solving
  • Math and Finances
  • Career: Jobs and Employment

These topics will be individualized and continued in increasing depth throughout the two years of the BUILD program.

Religion course work

All BUILD students will receive coursework in Bible and Theology with a heavy application emphasis. As with all courses at Bethel, integration of faith and learning is paramount.

Elective Courses 

You can choose from a set of courses in Professional Studies departments as well as information technology and fine arts.

Extra Curricular

Students will follow the regular Bethel schedule with classes scheduled Monday through Friday in 50 minute intervals. In addition to classes, students will attend weekly BUILD group sessions, scheduled times for physical education and sports activities, and other extracurricular activities.


Each semester BUILD students will be involved in an internship from 6-12 hours a week. Employability is a goal of the BUILD program. On- and off-campus internships provide you the opportunity to gain work skills and put them into practice. During the first year of the BUILD program, you’ll work on campus with close monitoring. The second year of work experiences also will be monitored but off campus in positions located close to Bethel.

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