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Hebrew, Hebrew Exegesis, Old Testament

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  • Fuller Theological Seminary - Ph.D. in Theology (Old Testament Major), 2006
  • Western Conservative Baptist Seminary - Master of Arts in Exegetical Theology (Old Testament Major), 1988


Norah Caudill earned her Ph.D. in Theology (Old Testament major) from Fuller Seminary in 2006.  Her dissertation, "The Presence of God in Exodus: Purposes, Means and Implications" explored the theology of God's presence with his people in their journey from Egypt to Sinai.  

As a Faculty Associate of Old Testament Caudill teaches Beginning Hebrew (OT541), Intermediate Hebrew (OT542), Hebrew Exegesis (OT652), Introduction to the Old Testament: Scripture and Story (OT508); Old Testament Survey (OT516) and Old Testament Exegetical Explorations (OT518) for Bethel Seminary San Diego. She also serves as Affiliate Assistant Professor of Old Testament for Fuller Theological Seminary.  Her courses there since 1999 have included Beginning Hebrew, Old Testament Exegesis: Amos (Hebrew text), Old Testament Exegesis: Amos (English text), Writings as Introduction to the Old Testament and Psalms (English Text). 

Norah's husband, Tom, is a Senior Systems Administrator for PriceSmart, a company that runs "Costco" type warehouse stores in Central and South America.  They attend Grace Point Church in Carmel Valley (a non-denominational community church), where they enjoy fellowshipping and serving with their small group.

Courses Taught

Quarter Schedule: OT502: 1 Samuel - Song of Songs; OT503: Isaiah - Malachi; OT521/22: Beginning Hebrew; OT531: Intermediate Hebrew; OT640: Hebrew Bible Readings

Semester Schedule: OT508: Introduction to the Old Testament: Scripture and Story; OT516: Old Testament Survey, OT518: Old Testament Exegetical Explorations; OT541: Beginning Hebrew; OT542: Intermediate Hebrew; OT652: Hebrew Exegesis;


Eta Beta Rho Honor Society

Delta Epsilon Chi, the Honor Society of The American Association of Bible Colleges

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges


Contributor to The Heart of God Student Bible (edited by Mark Strauss; Baker Books, forthcoming).

Contributed 24 articles to the Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary, edited by Tremper Longman III, Peter Enns and Mark Strauss (Baker Books, 2013).

Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation:  "The Presence of God in the Exodus Narrative:  Purposes, Means and Implications."  Pasadena: Fuller Theological Seminary, 2006.

Unpublished Master's Thesis:  "The Use of the Wilderness Motif in Psalm 95 and Hebrews 3-4."  Portland:  Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, 1988.


February 2016, "Historicity in the Old Testament." Lecture presented at All Souls Episcopal Church, San Diego, CA

Summer 2011, "The Tabernacle."  Series presented at Grace Point Church, Carmel Valley, CA

Summer 2010, "Messiah in the Old Testament." Series presented at Grace Point Church, Carmel Valley, CA

Summer 2009, "Psalms." Series presented at Grace Point Church, Carmel Valley, CA

February 2008, "OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY." Series presented at Marketplace Univ./Discovery Church, Carlsbad, CA

Summer 2007, "Old Testament Introduction." Series presented at Canyon Hills Community Church, Carmel Valley, CA

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Member of Society of Biblical Literature

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Hebrew, Hebrew Exegesis, Old Testament