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Seann Dikkers

Job Titles

  • Department Chair, Associate Professor of Education
    Education, College of Arts and Sciences

Started at Bethel



  • Bethel University - B.A., 1994
  • Bethel University - M.A., 2000
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison - Ph.D., 2012

Areas of expertise

Seann Dikkers formerly served fourteen years as a middle school history teacher, high school principal, and education consultant. Dikkers’ work focuses on the integration of new media technologies for formal and informal educational settings. His books, Real-Time Research, Mobile Media Learning, and TeacherCraft: How Teachers use Minecraft in the Classroom (all with ETC Press) are helping educational innovators to integrate technology into classroom learning. His projects include CivWorld, the Comprehensive Assessment for Leadership in Learning (CALL), Augmented Reality and Mobile Game Design, and co-director of Playful Learning - Ohio. His current partnerships focus on the development of Caminolearning.com and research on induction support for new teachers.


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