Abbey Payeur

Job Title

  • Assistant Professor of Education
    Education, College of Arts and Sciences


Abbey Payeur is passionate about literacy and ensuring our preservice teachers are prepared to teach all students to read and write. The literacy courses she teaches integrate the Science of Reading and important research from the fields of Education, Cognitive Science, and Educational Psychology.

Started at Bethel



  • Augsburg College - B.A. in Elementary Education, 2004
  • Bethel University - M.A. in Education , 2008
  • University of Minnesota - Ph.D. in Literacy Education, 2022


Payeur began her career teaching elementary and middle school students in Minnesota's largest school district. The puzzle of readers with dyslexia and others who struggle to learn to read guided her graduate studies and led to her doctoral research that analyzed how Minnesota's institutions prepare preservice teachers to teach reading. Today, Payeur teaches her preservice teachers to understand how language and reading develop, and how actively engaging students in a systematic, explict approach to phonemic awareness and phonics leads to successful, fluent students with excellent reading comprehension. 

Courses Taught

College of Arts & Sciences

  • EDU 272 Language and Literacy Development for Young Learners, K-3
  • EDU 373 Reading/Language Arts Curriculum and Methods
  • GES160 Inquiry Seminar: The Danger of a Single Story

College of Graduate Studies

  • TEAC 601: Structured Literacy and the Science of Reading

Collage of Adult and Professional Studies

  • GENS029 Foundations of Reading and Writing I
  • GENS030 Foundations of Reading and Writing II


TOP Teacher Award, Anoka Hennepin School District, 2008

Certificates and Licenses

K-12 Literacy teaching license

K-8 Elementary Education license with Communication/Arts concentration

Professional Organizations, Committees, and Boards

International Dyslexia Association, Upper-Midwest Branch

The Reading League 

Member of HELP - Higher Education Literacy Partnership


Areas of expertise

Reading, Dyslexia, Science of Reading, Structured Literacy, and Foundational Literacy