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Judith Perry

Job Title

  • Adjunct Instructor in Nursing
    Nursing (RN to B.S.), College of Adult and Professional Studies

Started at Bethel



  • University of New Hampshire - BSN, 1978

Areas of expertise

With a BSN and MPH, Judy has worked in China for the last 23 years. During the last 15 years she worked first in rickets prevention, and most recently in diabetes prevention. Her team completed a translation research project funded by a grant from the International Diabetes Federation, adapting the Diabetes Prevention Project to north China.


I grew up on a small farm in a small town in New Hampshire and am the only one in my branch of the family to have moved out away in 200 years. My three siblings still live near my parents, and I am now back at home, helping to care for my elderly parents. Following a call to both nursing and overseas work that I heard as a teenager, I got a BSN, worked a year to get experience, got an Advanced Studies Program certificate from Moody, worked a year in a refugee center for Cambodians (in the Philippines), returned and worked in Virginia as nurse (surgical floor and then surgical ICU) for 4 years, and then got a Masters of Public Health at Johns Hopkins. For the last 27 years I have worked in Taiwan or China in a variety of roles: Nursing English teacher, nurse trainer at an orphanage, project worker in public health. For the last 15 I have had the perfect job with wonderful coworkers, working with the Medical Team of Shanxi Evergreen Service, doing public health projects in areas we or the local public health department felt to be needs (rickets prevention, TB prevention, social worker training, chronic disease management, diabetes prevention). I am now entering a new phase in my life and am looking forward to what is to come, although I do hope to return to China in March 2016 for a few months to finish phase 3 of a longitudinal study on Metabolic Syndrome in a middle-aged population.

Courses Taught

1988-1996  Nursing English; Professional writing

1992-1996  Nursing Theory (for four nursing students chosen to do graduate study abroad).

A variety of classes in a lot of situations, as needed, on a broad range of topics (done in Chinese, usually team taught): Infection Control (for the Yuci CDC), Safety for Children, Common illnesses in Children, Lead Pollution Prevention, Social work training, Visitation Team training (a Stephen's Ministry type program in the local church), Research methods (prior to our research), Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes Prevention. 


Alumni of the Year, 2004 University of New Hampshire Nursing Alumni Club


Published or in press:

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Perry, J (May 2014) One lecture: The Process for Cross-cultural Workers to Carry out Funded Research and Interventions. One breakout session, with Strand, M: Research Design. Presented at CMDA - Continuing Medical & Dental Education Conference XXXIV, Eritria, Greece.

Perry, J (February 2013) The Process for Cross-cultural Workers to Carry out Funded Research and Interventions. Presented at CMDA - Continuing Medical & Dental Education Conference XXXIII, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Certificates and Licenses

RN license in New Hampshire and Minnesota

Hobbies and Interests

Reading, hiking (and long ago enjoyed quilting and knitting)