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Petition for GES140 Wellbeing Alternative

The purpose of this petition is to allow students an alternative course of study to complete the GES140 Introduction to Wellbeing graduation requirement. Students should pursue this option if they believe it is most beneficial for their mental and/or physical health.

Prior to submitting this form, consider which alternative course you would prefer to take. If you are uncertain as to which course to enroll in, please reach out to your academic advisor for assistance.

Alternative Course Options

  • HEPE260: Physical Wellness for Life (CAPS online course)
  • COM 110: Basic Communication
  • COM 220: Group Communication
  • ENJ 100: Stories Change the World
  • PHI 110: Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PSY 100: Introduction to Psychology

Steps to apply for and complete this petition:

  1. Submit this petition form
  2. Register with the Office of Accessibility Resources & Service (OARS), if not already
  3. Meet with OARS to discuss how your current life circumstances impact your ability to participate in GES140.
  4. Wait for approval from Wellbeing Program Coordinator
  5. Register for the approved course
  6. Communicate with wellbeing program coordinator once the course is completed

Please email accessibility-services@bethel.edu with any questions.




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