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Management Information Systems

Bachelor of Science

MIS is about more than managing technology. It's about finding business solutions.

Bethel’s online B.S. in Management Information Systems program prepares you to focus on the various business complexities found in management information systems. The program focuses on the business application of technology, unlike computer science, which centers primarily on technology. Learn to manage complex projects and gain practical experience to enhance your current role or prepare for a new career.

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Program Option(s)

B.S. in Management Information Systems

Our management information systems program will put you on the cutting edge of information technology industry trends while giving you the management skills needed to solve problems related to information security, software, hardware, data, and more.

Deliveries Blended, and Online
Locations Online, and St. Paul
Credits 57
Cost per Credit $430
Estimated Total Cost $24,510*

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Contribute to Business Strategy

Organizations need business professionals who can interface with all corporate functions to solve problems related to information security, project management, the internet, data, software, and hardware. That’s why our MIS program contains a strong management focus. The program will enable you to broaden your understanding of how to contribute to more effective business strategies and practices through the synergy of technology, business, and project management. It will also put you on the cutting edge of information technology industry trends.

Students enjoy class.


of 5-year alumni are involved in leadership roles

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of recent graduates volunteer for charitable causes

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Program Highlights

Current Practices

Professors are currently working in the various areas of MIS, allowing them to provide students with the most up-to-date knowledge and experiences about the field.

Professional Mentoring

You'll get the chance to participate in a flash-mentoring event, where you'll meet several business professionals who represent many small, medium and large businesses.

Experiential Learning

Many courses provide experiential learning opportunities where students can connect with experts in MIS and learn about career possibilities.

Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues

You’ll explore professional standards and current legal and ethical issues in the field of MIS from a Christian worldview perspective.

Foundational Skills

Foundational skills most needed by employers are integrated into the degree such as writing, public speaking, creativity, ethics, teamwork, problem-solving, technology literacy, leadership, diversity, global awareness, experiential learning, planning, and organizing.

Career Exploration

You’ll have the opportunity to explore and reflect on new career opportunities you’ll have when you complete your MIS degree through a variety of hands-on activities.


Our MIS degree provides the skills needed to manage complex projects, analyze complex data, and design business solutions for technology problems.


Learn how to:

  • Apply ethical principles related to MIS
  • Demonstrate systems thinking by applying MIS concepts
  • Reflect on ways to integrate a faith perspective into work and life
  • Demonstrate written and oral business communication skills
  • Use digital software applications and tools to make data‑driven decisions
  • Develop a managerial perspective on business opportunities and challenges in a global economy
  • Use critical thinking to evaluate information needed to solve information system problems


Our graduates pursue several career options, including:

  • Systems analyst
  • Systems developer
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Business systems analyst
  • Computer center manager
  • Sales representative
  • IT consultant
  • Help desk support
  • Information security support
  • Project manager
  • Enterprise information management analyst

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