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Alexa Lassen

Enrollment Counselor

800.255.8706, ext. 8080

Works with students interested in:

  • M.A. in Special Education, Academic Behavioral Strategist License,
    Autism Spectrum Disorders License, Developmental Disabilities License,
    Emotional and Behavioral Disorders License
  • B.A. in Special Education


B.A. in Missional Ministries - Bethel University

My favorite thing about Bethel University

My favorite thing about Bethel is the community! I have been blessed with amazing friends and co-workers who genuinely care about the relationships they foster in and outside of the workplace. I love being able to walk around campus, knowing it is likely I will run into a friend.

My favorite thing about the Twin Cities

There is always something fun to do in the Cities, which is exciting to me! I love that I will never run out of new things to do, restaurants to try, or places to explore.

Before working at Bethel

I was a student at Bethel! I graduated in December 2018 and started working at Bethel in February 2019. During my time as a student, I held various student worker roles which really fueled my passion for seeing higher education impact students' lives because I saw the incredible way it impacted my own life. I loved my experience at Bethel so much that I wanted to continue to be a part of the community as an employee, and I am so glad I did.