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Venture Together

Make meaningful professional connections through our networking program, Venture Together.

We're in this together. 

College is an experience marked by important decisions, like which courses to take, which major to declare, and which internships to complete. At Bethel, students don’t have to make them alone. Venture Together is a five-session networking and mentoring program for sophomores with a twofold purpose: 

1. Empower students to identify and pursue a specialized career path.
2. Provide alumni with a meaningful way to give back using their time and expertise. 

Expert faculty, local alumni, and specialized career coaches team up to help students gain clarity on their calling, integrate faith into their field of study, and market themselves in a fast-paced, ever-changing professional landscape. Venture Together will be especially helpful for students who consider themselves "exploratory" majors or are considering a change in major.

Why join Venture Together?

Valuable mentorships. Our mentors make a difference by supporting and advising students as they navigate college, first internships, and the real world. The lessons faculty and alumni impart will stay with students long after they graduate, preparing the next generation to be more compassionate, confident leaders.

Career coaching. As we meet throughout the academic year, students will refine their resumes, build their LinkedIn profiles, and craft elevator pitches with mentors who know the ropes. For students, it's an opportunity to learn from those who have gone before them. For alumni, it's a chance to stay connected and give back. 

Professional networking. When it comes to getting hired, anyone in the professional sphere understands the importance of knowing the right people in the right places. Who knows—students might meet their future employer at our meetings, and mentors might meet their next star employee!

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Questions? Contact the Office of Alumni and Family Relations at 651.638.6462 or alumni@bethel.edu

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