The Key to a Successful PSEO Experience

If you live in Minnesota, you may have the opportunity to take college courses while still in high school through the Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program. Just this fall, 119 PSEO students enrolled at Bethel! If you’re considering PSEO next year (whether at Bethel or somewhere else) we want to share with you the one thing that makes all the difference—communication. 

Maybe you’re laughing at the simplicity, but stick with us! Throughout your PSEO experience, there are a few people it’s super important to make or maintain connections with:

Your high school counselor.

You’re a high school student first, so it’s important to be absolutely sure the college classes you choose will meet your high school graduation requirements. Going off to college the following fall will be tough if you don’t have that high school diploma! Also, be sure to ask throughout the academic year if there’s anything else you need to know to be sure you’re ready for graduation.

College admissions counselors.

If you’re planning to attend a different college after your PSEO year(s), be in communication with your that college’s admissions counselors. They’ll be able to answer questions about which college credits will transfer, helping you choose your classes wisely.  

Your high school classmates.

This one is helpful especially if all of your classes are PSEO. There might be things happening back at your high school that you don’t want to miss! Maybe that’s homecoming, athletic events, prom, or class pictures. Your classmates can also keep you in the loop when it comes to forms you need to turn in, graduation attire, upcoming college visits, etc.

Your professors.

Take the opportunity to seek out your professors during their office hours. Showing up outside of class time to talk more about course topics or to ask questions about an assignment demonstrates that you’re interested and that you have initiative. And—more often than not—professors are super interesting people to get to know.

Your new peers!

This one isn’t mandatory, but it’ll make your experience so much more enjoyable. Sometimes making friends in class is hard, but there are many extra-curricular activities that you can participate in (yes, even as a PSEO student) that can help you connect with people.

Want to learn more about PSEO at Bethel? Our early admission deadline for next fall is March 1!