Why Choose a Liberal Arts School?

Each student learns, grows, and experiences life differently from everyone else. Knowing and understanding your options is an important step in finding the school meant for you. “Liberal arts” might seem like a foreign term as you begin your college search, but we’re here to tell you a little more about a liberal arts education and why it is highly valuable.

What does a liberal arts education look like?

Our society today wants fast and timely solutions to complex problems. But sometimes when we cater to that desire, we begin to lack depth in work. A liberal arts education provides students with the hands-on experience the real world searches for AND the opportunity to learn and study meaningful in-depth topics. Rather than learning just one area of study, liberal arts guides students through various academic disciplines like humanities, the fine arts, social sciences, and natural sciences.

What are the benefits of a liberal arts education?

Employers Value Critical Thinking Skills

You don’t have to major in philosophy or humanities to develop critical thinking skills. Rather, critical thinking skills are fostered by the cross-disciplinary discussions that take place in the liberal arts classroom. Students gain and apply knowledge in many areas, not just one. Receiving a liberal arts education means you learn the arts (literature, music, theater, etc.) and also the sciences (biology, psychology, mathematics, and so on). You learn what makes us human, and you develop the complex system of thinking and understanding that helps us become better humans for one another.

Well-Rounded Education

When you study at liberal arts college, you get it all. It makes you a well-rounded student and helps you stand out to future employers. Employers search for individuals who are well-rounded, well-educated and have experience. Compared to other applicants, who may have four years of one area of study under their belt, you would have a broader understanding of the world in addition to your area of study. Knowledge of historical events and cultural traditions may come into play in the conference room someday, and you’ll be prepared for it.

Stronger Classroom Experiences

A liberal arts education also comes with a richer classroom experience. Most professors at liberal arts colleges desire to teach and grow their students and truly invest in their lives. Liberal arts colleges often offer smaller class sizes (as opposed to large lectures) with more one-on-one interactions, greater internship opportunities, and tons of hands-on experience!

Liberal Arts Degree = Versatility

Finally, a liberal arts degree makes you more versatile. You may have one specific specialty, but you’ll also be equipped for a variety of careers and able to adapt to changes in the marketplace. With a degree from a liberal arts college, you’ll find that your options are many and your limitations are few.

Choosing a liberal arts school like Bethel means choosing a well-rounded education that opens a variety of doors. A strong foundation in liberal arts gives you more hands-on experience and prepares you for success, no matter the career field you end up in!