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Brittany Harper

Administrative Assistant

W532-A |


Futuristic. Analytical. Deliberative. Discipline. Responsibility.

Favorite Bible Verse: Esther 4:14

What I do at Bethel: I serve as the first point of contact for students and their families for any questions or concerns that they have for the Business Office.  I also assist the Accounts Receivable team and the Accounts Payable team with their day-to-day operations. 

What I am passionate about: I am passionate about people and building relationships.  I spent two years as a Resident Assistant in college (here at Bethel!), and I loved seeing the impact that relationships and community can have on everyone!

What I enjoy doing outside of Bethel: I love creating art, baking, traveling, and reading.  Spending time with friends and family is a top priority, and being outside as much as possible in the summer is a must (especially with our MN winters)!

Yacht Name: High Chai'd