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Guided Adoptions & inSite Method

Are you a new faculty member?

Connect with Dodie Woodis, our text manager, for a 10-minute tutorial on how to adopt textbooks.

October 1 - Interim and Spring Semester are due.
March 1 - Summer Term and Fall Semester are due.

Need to register for creating your profile for Adopting Course Materials?

Select Faculty Registration here    

Complete the faculty Information and Challenge Question boxes with your personal information.

Complete Department Access information box with information initially provided by the Campus Store. If you need assistance, email the Campus Store

Already registered for textbook adoptions?

Complete your adoption using the Guided Adoptions & inSite Method.

Once you complete and submit your faculty text adoption, watch for your automatic email confirmation. If you do not receive email confirmation within 24 hours, contact Dodie Woodis.

If you have questions or need a refresher on the inSite method, contact Dodie Woodis at or 651.638.6099.

Why are adoptions important?

  • It's the law. HEOA, the federal mandate, requires text information to be available to the student for their review at enrollment time.
  • It helps our students. By making the text and educational material requirements for each course available, we allow students to know ahead of enrollment time the costs of their text and course materials.

Who is responsible?

  • You, the instructor, are responsible to provide accurate information to the Campus Store by the due date using the inSite method. You are responsible for providing accurate information that matches the texts listed in your syllabus.
  • The Campus Store Text Manager and Director are responsible for providing training to you so that you can complete and submit your adoptions through the inSite method. We are also responsible to ensure your adoption is available on the Campus Store website for the student to view prior to enrollment. We will alert you if a new edition or a suitable alternative is available, or if we encounter difficulties obtaining the text that you have adopted.
  • The Office of the Registrar is responsible for providing a current and updated list of courses and faculty members assigned to those courses. However, if you are not listed, or listed incorrectly, we'll help you sort it out.