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Services for Alumni

Whether you graduated in 1983, 2003, or 2013, our career specialists can work with your current career needs.

Career Management

We're here to help no matter where you are in your career journey-whether you're trying to advance your career, looking to change careers, or just starting your career.

Career Advancement

Looking for your next opportunity? Our career specialists can help you connect with other alumni, polish your networking skills, and hear about the latest job openings on Handshake and LinkedIn.

Career Transition

Need some help finding a new position in this tough job market? Our career specialists can help you update your resume, practice your interviewing skills, and uncover jobs in the hidden job market.

Are you looking to change career fields? Our career specialists can also meet with you to discuss your options and take assessments to determine a new field for you.

Young Alums

Trying to land your first job? Our career specialists can talk with you about current job postings and how to network.

Unsure what you are looking for? Our career specialists can also help you figure out what careers fit you and if grad school is a wise move. We offer career assessments to help make informed decisions.

Job Opportunities and Networking

The Bethel alumni community can help connect you with your next opportunity. Most people find jobs from someone they know. Here are a few common ways to increase your connections:

List of Services and Resources

Remember that we serve you throughout your career, so come in to meet with a career specialist or schedule a phone appointment. We can help you with whatever your career needs; some of the most common services include: