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Need help with your job posting?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about posting a job. If you need additional help, contact our office at career-development@bethel.edu or at 651.638.6460.

How do I reset my username or password?

Start by using the Forgot Password link on the website. This will resend your account information to your registered email address. If that does not work, call our office to have your password reset or contact Handshake to get access to your account.

When will my job be posted?

We review every new employer registration and job posting within 48 business hours, often much sooner. 

I haven't received adequate response to my job posting, what else can I do?

Unfortunately, a lack of applications can happen, especially if your organization is not well known by Bethel students. You can work to increase awareness of your organizations by taking advantage of Bethel's recruiting opportunities. Contact Amanda Buol, 651.638.6460, for more information.

Posting Disclaimer: Bethel University reserves the right to withhold this service from organizations or positions that are not deemed to be appropriate for our students in relationship to their educational and career goals. Bethel University and/or Career Development and Calling does not verify or screen job candidates. It is the responsibility of the employer to research candidates thoroughly.