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Prospective Students and Families

Who you are and who you are becoming matters at Bethel.

When you think about your future, the thought of choosing a college, major, and career path may seem overwhelming—but it doesn’t need to be! At Bethel, you'll be surrounded by a supportive community, ready to help you discover and become who you are called to be.

Not sure where to start? Here are some steps you can take right now to help clarify your options.

Get some insight into your interests.

Assessments won’t decide your future for you, but they can provide some insights and options that you may not have considered—or they can affirm what you already know!

This quick 10-minute assessment is a great place to start.

Consider potential career pathways.

With your top three interests identified, read about some Bethel pathways that may interest you.

Discover career options.

Wondering what you can do with this major after you graduate? Visit this helpful website and select a major for some ideas. 

Explore Bethel’s majors.

Now that you have some more ideas, see how Bethel University can help you reach your goals!

Contact Bethel’s Office of Admissions!

Get in touch with our admissions team to further explore your options at Bethel. Interested in connecting with a professor in your field of interest? The admissions office can set that up!