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What's your act of worship? What will it be once you graduate? What is it right now? In the Office of Career Development and Calling, we are here to journey with you as you explore your calling.

Calling isn't just what career you do when you're finished with school. It's also what you are called to be right now, which for many is to be the best student you can.

We believe that God is calling each of us to be a faithful steward of each day, which includes being faithful in preparing for your career. So, yes, finding an internship and doing a good job at it is an act of worship.

Few Christians receive an audible call directing them to a specific career. So don't be overwhelmed by trying to figure out the exact job God is calling you to. And don't just wait around and do nothing. Rather, prepare for your career each day. Diligently and faithfully learn all that you can about your future career. That is likely your call right now.

Remember we are here to explore with you! Come see us today.