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Whether you are starting your career or looking to change jobs, working with a career specialist can help you to achieve your goals.

Job Search Process

The job search process can take time. To set yourself up for success, try out these job search techniques:

  1. Set employment goals. Know what you are looking for so you can search effectively.
    • Research organizations.
  2. Ask your network for job leads. Build new professional relationships through networking that will lead to a position.
    • Attend networking events or arrange informational interviews.
    • Follow up with your leads every so often.
  3. Search for postings directly on companies websites and social media pages.
  4. Work with a career counselor.
  5. Work with a staffing agency.
  6. Set up profiles on job search websites for recruiters to find you.
  7. Prepare your application materials: resume, cover letter, references.
  8. Practice your elevator speech and interviewing skills.


Check out job and internships posted directly to Bethel University's Handshake Platform. Set up your account to recieve new job postings that align with your interests.

For current students and recent alum, sign in using your Bethel login and password. Questions? Contact us at career-development@bethel.edu or at 651.638.6460.


Additional Job Search Sites

Starting Your Career

To get hired in your desired industry, you'll need to be prepared for your career and find a job that fits. To learn more about preparing for your career, review the career development model. Be realistic about what you are qualified to do, and talk with a career counselor, your advisor, or alumni in the field to learn about jobs you can do.

Changing Jobs

Whether your company doesn't have options for advancement or you just need a new opportunity, networking is the way to find job openings. LinkedIn, alumni events, and informational interviews can help you to build new professional relationships.

Changing Careers

There are many factors to consider when you are thinking about a career change: your skills and qualifications, job requirements, graduate school, calling and vocation. Career specialists can meet with you throughout your career to help you to explore your options.


Handshake Disclaimer: Positions are submitted directly by the employer and are not pre-screened by the Office of Career Development and CallingAs with any job posting site, applicants should research potential employers before applying. Posting on Handshake does NOT indicate an endorsement of the employer by Bethel University. Neither the University, nor the Office of Career Development and Calling, assumes any responsibility whatsoever for inaccurate or misleading information, nor does the presence of a posting on Handshake indicate the position is appropriate for any student. Job seekers should avoid positions requesting financial information and monetary payments/exchanges as they are most likely a scam. Please report any concerns with a particular posting or employer to the Office of Career Development and Calling.