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Most jobs are never posted, and most people get a job through a personal connection. What does this say about the job search? Spend more time talking to people about jobs and less time searching online!

Effective Search Strategies

To find a job, you've got to think like an employer. Employers want to hire someone that they trust, so they either hire from within or ask their colleagues for recommendations.

That means you need to either work your way up in a company or get recommended; internships and entry-level positions are a great way to do that. To get recommended, tell your network that you're looking for new opportunities, and build new professional relationships through informational interviews and industry associations.

The most effective job search methods are:

  • Asking for leads
  • Networking
  • Contacting employers directly
  • Meeting with career counselors and recruiters
  • Job search groups

Simply looking for postings and applying online is the least effective method.  


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Handshake is Bethel's primary job search website. If an employer calls Bethel to post a job, it is listed on this site. Handshake includes two job search tools, one for jobs and internships posted for Bethel students and alumni, and NACElink Extended Job Search for local to international opportunities.

Additional Job Search Sites

In addition to Handshake, we recommend the following websites. But remember, if you can find a posting online, anyone with internet access can apply for that job too. Use informational interviewing and the other strategies listed above to land an interview out of hundreds of applicants.