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Most people get a job through a personal connection. What does this say about the job search? Spend more time talking to people about jobs and less time searching online!

Effective Search Strategies

  1. Staying organized during your job search is extremely important. Review the Job Search Organization Guide.
  2. Additionally, before applying for a job, and again before you accept an offer, it's important to ask yourself a few questions. Review our guide on what to ask yourself.
  3. To find a job, you need to think like an employer. Employers want to hire someone that they trust, so they either hire from within or ask their colleagues for recommendations. That means you need to either work your way up in a company or get recommended; internships and entry-level positions are a great way to do that. To get recommended, tell your network that you're looking for new opportunities, and build new professional relationships through informational interviews and industry associations.
  4. Be on the lookout for scams disguised as job postings. Unfortunately, scammers will use fake job postings to get personal information from job-seekers. Check out this resource to learn some of the "red flags."


Handshake is Bethel's primary job search website. If an employer calls Bethel to post a job, it is listed on this site. 

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Additional Job/Internship Search Sites

In addition to Handshake, we recommend searching for jobs and internships on several websites. Below are a few good places to start: