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Building relationships (a.k.a. networking) is a crucial piece of the career development process. Not only will you learn more about specific career fields, but you'll build relationships with professionals. The majority of jobs that people get are through relationships.

How to Network

Networking is not asking someone for a job or a recommendation; it is relationship building. Connect with people in the field that you are interested in, and simply talk to them about their experience and career journey.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to get started networking and what questions to ask once you set up a meeting (typically called an informational interview). 

The Assessor/Ally Networking Strategy

When contacting a new person, don't put them on the defensive by asking them for a job or a recommendation. Instead, simply ask them to share their story. Let them talk about themselves rather than listen to you pitch your skills. That way you are building a relationship (an "Ally"), and they may even advocate for you.

Ways to Network

Be intentional in your everyday conversations with people. Ask them questions such as, "Tell me your story…" Other ways to network include:

  • Informational interviews
  • LinkedIn and social media
  • Alumni events
  • Industry events and conferences
  • Guest speakers

Watch the video below to learn how you can use LinkedIn to connect with specific Bethel Alumni you are interested in connecting with: 

People to Network With

Who do you know? Think about your "sphere of influence," such as:

  • Friends and family and all of their connections
  • Bethel Connections: alumni, classmates, faculty, staff, career specialists
  • Work connections
  • Professional associations
  • Church connections

Start early! Don't wait until your senior year to begin building these relationships. We can help you be strategic in your networking; schedule an appointment with us.