Child Development Centers


The Preschool Program

The preschool program at Bethel University Child Development Center (CDC) is licensed to serve xx preschoolers each day.

Our program is focused on giving preschoolers personal attention and creating a social environment where they can interact and grow with each other.

Preschoolers are taught and cared for by pre-kindergarten licensed teachers and college students who are preparing to become professional early childhood educators. This creates an opportunity for our preschoolers to be involved in many innovative and creative learning experiences, and to be guided by individuals who are knowledgeable in child growth and development.


The preschool program at the CDC consists of three rooms where the preschoolers learn, play, and explore. Each room has its own theme with a number of different activities for the students to choose from including books, science activities, crafts, puzzles, toys, and more.

Our activities rotate often, giving preschoolers new ways of interacting and learning.

Groups and Curriculum

All of the preschoolers are broken up into three different groups: Frogs, Penguins, and Bunnies.

  • The Frogs are our youngest preschoolers and they meet with Mrs. Houston in the morning for their group time.
  • The Penguins group is made up of a variety of age groups and they meet with Mrs. Berry in the afternoon.
  • The Bunny group is the oldest group of preschoolers and they meet with Mr. Fowler every morning.

Each week our group time lessons will follow a specific theme or topic. Most of these themes come from a literacy-based curriculum called Doors to Discovery. Other weeks will follow themes created by the teachers.

We use a learning center approach to curriculum where experiences are tailored to meet the needs of your child as well as the entire group.

The curriculum helps our children work to improve the following developmental areas: social, emotional, language, literacy, approaches to learning, creativity, arts, cognitive, physical, and motor skills.

More Information

Contact us for more information about the Campus CDC or to set up a visit. We're happy to answer your questions and provide you with details about our programs.