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The Bethel University King Family Foundation Child Development Center is located in St. Paul, Minn., and is accedited by the NAEYC.


The mission of the King CDC, a joint venture with the Union Gospel Mission, is to serve Jesus Christ through educational leadership. We also are committed to serve as a learning environment for Bethel University students seeking to become early childhood educators.


We believe that early education is the foundation for life long educational success. We believe that children learn best through a literacy and print rich environment that gives them opportunities for active learning and exploration.

In addition, we believe that cultural and community awareness are integral parts of their developmental growth as we encourage children to flourish both within and outside of their context.

Christian Environment

Nurturing and relationship building are essential to our program. We provide a Christ-centered perspective through learning experiences to enhance social and emotional development.

Our professional staff have committed their lives to Jesus Christ. Having done so, it is natural to relate daily activities to God, to spontaneously pray, and to continually express a measure of God’s unconditional love. We include Biblical narratives, prayer, worship, and community involvement in our curriculum to emphasize individual, social, and community responsibility.

Teachers have selected the following three spiritual goals for our children:

  • The children will become more familiar with the person of Jesus Christ.
  • The children will learn that God loves them and made them uniquely special.
  • The children will grow in their ability to love one another and their communities.

While there will be times when Bible narratives will be incorporated into the program, the main Christian emphasis will be through the involvement and model of the teachers’ lives.


In 1998 Bethel University, Union Gospel Mission, and the Salvation Army collaborated to provide quality early education in the Frogtown area of St. Paul.

The Salvation Army provided the funds needed to renovate existing space in a community center owned by Union Gospel Mission. While the building was being renovated,  Bethel University staff operated out of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in St. Paul. Over time the Salvation Army removed itself from the collaboration.

The partnership between Union Gospel Mission, Bethel University, and Mt. Olivet Baptist church continues to provide quality early education in the Frogtown area.

Grandparent Program

Our partnership with Luther Social Services provides us with five volunteer grandmothers for our center. Our grandmothers assist our staff in making an extended family environment. Children, staff, and families learn from the wisdom of our grandmothers on a daily basis. Their presence cultivates a strong respect and appreciation for intergenerational relationships.

Meet Our Teachers

Learn more about the education and experience of our teachers.