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Amy Dickerman

Amy Dickerman

Role: Preschool 2 Teacher

Education: I graduated from Eastern Nazarene College in Massachusetts in 2004 with a B.A. in Music and again in 2010 with M.A. in Elementary Education.

Experience: I taught in Massachusetts for a year in an inclusive classroom and served as a paraprofessional giving emotional and behavioral support in a second grade classroom.

Prior to moving to MN, I was a volunteer missionary for 2 years in Kiev, Ukraine teaching 3rd grade at an international Christian school for missionary's children. My students came from all over the world (Korea, France, Germany, Canada, Ghana and Nigeria, just to name a few) with their parents to serve in various mission organizations. I am a new resident to MN and in my first year teaching at the King CDC after getting married in August in my home state of MA.

For Fun: I love reading, running, spending time with my new husband and watching my New England sports teams, Go Patriots!!

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