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Colin Howell

Preschool Teacher

Started at Bethel: 2018

Favorite children’s book: Caps for Sale, Green Eggs and Ham, The Book with No Pictures. (I’m a preschool teacher so ask me again tomorrow and I’ll have a new list!)

Hobbies: Both in and out of the classroom you’ll find me cheering on my Vikings and Twins, and passionately talking all things Star Wars and The Office. In the spring I love going on walks with my dog, in the summertime I’m either at my cabin or Target Field, in the fall I’m either watching football or wishing I was watching football, and in the winter I’m caught wondering how my Vikings season came to an end earlier than I planned.

Drive: I was fortunate in that I was surrounded with rockstar teachers growing up. One in particular has always stood out to me. My high school science teacher Mr. Doth. In short, he was a friend first and a teacher second. I could ramble for days on end about how he has shaped me and continues to shape me as an educator. Friend first. Teacher second. At my core I truly don’t think that formula is any different even with our youngest learners. In a world where up to 30 other children look to me as a source of authority, care, comfort, and direction, the importance of earning a child’s trust and companionship cannot be understated or undervalued. My faith plays an unshakeable role in this. Relationship first, educational and developmental growth will follow in tow. I’m not sure how I could survive the ups and downs, rigors and challenges, and successions and elations of this job without my ever-growing relationship with Jesus. It is my everything, plain and simple.