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Chicago Mission Trip


March 16-24, 2019 (could vary slightly).


We will serve people who live in poverty on the south side of Chicago. We hope to work on building a holistic Christian community and raise awareness of the urban ministry. 

Our Ministry Partner

We will be working with Sunshine Gospel Ministries, whose mission is housing development, job training, computer labs, after-school help, and business initiatives. By focusing on these areas, we will not only be helping those living in poverty, but also teaching them how to help and support themselves and others in their community.

Trip Cost

To be determined.

Who Should Participate

The trip will be best suited for people who have a passion for working with other people, especially children. We will gain firsthand experience in either a public or private school classroom or a neighborhood relief program. If you have a passion for teaching or serving others by helping with their day-to-day lives, this will be a good trip for you.

If community is important to you, then you will also be suited for this trip. We want to focus on making biblical and lasting relationships with the people in the communities we will be serving.  

The trip also focuses heavily on teachings on poverty, biblical justice, and a solid biblical theology of race and reconciliation. If you have a passion for reconciliation and biblical justice and want firsthand experience with it, then this is also a good trip for you.

Next Steps

Applications are open through November 1. Interviews are conducted in October and November of every year for the following spring.

Spring Break Teams Application