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Thailand Mission Trip



December 2019 (precise dates coming soon; the team will serve in Thailand between the end of Finals Week and the beginning of Interim 2020)


Bethel students will travel to Thailand to build relationships and serve the Karen and Thai communities in Mae Ramat District in western Thailand. 

The Experience

This is the first time Bethel’s Solidarity Mission Program will serve to expand partnership in Thailand, Mae Ramat District. Our team will walk alongside Mary Thosaengsiri and Prakaifa Thosaengsiri to serve the Karen students who are in the care of Empowering Dreams Foundation. The Empowering Dreams Foundation’s mission is to support Karen children to pursue education. They hope to help children find purpose in their lives and to pursue stability found in God’s love-amidst lives marked by instability.

Relationships are a significant aspect of this trip. This is our first time partnering with EDF, but we hope to build a lasting relationship. In addition, our team hopes to financially support the EDF mission and their work of God. EDF has invited us to serve the children by leading a Vacation Bible School and teaching English on the theme of “Friends in God”. We hope to share the joy of the Lord with the children and all those who are involved in this work. 

The Karen people are the indigenous and one of the ethnics minorities in Burma/Myanmar. Many Karen people are scattered all over the world due to the civil war between the Burman and Karen. 

Our Ministry Partner

Empowering Dreams Foundation is the Christian foundation that started by Pastor Chirakampon and his church members and neighbors who are passionate about helping disadvantaged Karen from remote areas. The foundation is only located in Mae Ramat District, Thailand.  

Trip Cost

This team of 10 students has team fundraising goal of $30,000 (About $3000 per person). Fundraising and partnerships with donors will be the major part of this year for this team, which will tremendously help support the financial bottom line! 

Who Should Participate

This trip will be an intense experience in its travel, culture, and physical demands. It is reserved for students who are passionate about the Karen people. All students from all majors are welcome. 

Cross-cultural ministry experience and proficiency in Sgaw Karen and Thai are helpful and valued in this team selection process. Since we are aiming at serving by sharing the words of God and teaching English, we look for students with the ability to be authentically energetic, adaptable, and teachable. 

Next Steps

Applications are open now until the team is full. Interviews are conducted immediately after applications are received.

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