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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new event planning model?
The model focuses on 17 basic event planning functions assigned to either the event stakeholder, your event services specialist, or something we'll work on together. We've outlined the responsibilities in our event planning process.

Who are event stakeholders?
The stakeholder for an event is the person who is responsible for and cares most about the success of the event. The stakeholder almost always works in the department or office that is sponsoring/hosting/planning the event. The stakeholder is usually the person who initiates the event planning process and works most closely with Conference and Event Services during the process.

What defines an event? Is there a difference between a meeting and an event?
Great question. An event typically involves the majority of the 17 broad functions. Events are both simple and complex but generally require coordination between departments and various colleagues.

Meetings typically do not require more than 2-4 core functions and can be managed by 1 person.They do not require an invitation more than an email, calendar invite, or phone call. They are usually for internal groups and usually know who to invite. Attendees do not register for a meeting rather they accept or decline. A meeting needs 1 room and may include basic catering or tech support.

Do I need your approval to hold my conference or event?
Yes. Conferences and events must align with institutional priorities and available resources and sometimes that means an event may not be approved. The most common reason an event is not approved is a conflict with a competing event using the same spaces and resources.

Why do I have to contact Conference and Event Services?
We bring our expertise to your event and we will help you plan your best possible conference or event. We know what is happening across the institution and can advise you on the best options of date, time, room, as well as other resources. When we add your event to the university calendar we bring your event to the attention of both internal and external audiences well in advance.

How much notice is required to plan an event?
Check out our event process for questions about timing.

What do I do if I want to hold a new event we've never held before?
Fill out the request event form. You will be contacted by a conference and event services specialist to begin the planning process.


Can't find what you're looking for? Feel free to contact us at event-services@bethel.edu or 651.638.6090.

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