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Plan Your Bethel-Sponsored Event

Conference and Event Services is your one-stop event shop! Our team of specialists will help you manage every aspect of the planning process. If you have an event on the horizon and it’s funded by a Bethel budget, here’s how you can start planning.

When to Get Started

It's never too early to start the planning process. Most events require a minimum of 12 weeks to adequately plan. Anything less may impact core event details and services. Even if your event is just an idea with no specific date or name yet, that’s the perfect time to contact us. We would love to come alongside you in developing the event and planning its details.

How to Get Started

Although the planning process varies from event to event, you can get started by submitting an event request form and reviewing the event tasks below. A specialist dedicated to your area will contact you to discuss your event and begin working with you on the details.

Event Tasks

Every event has a primary stakeholder, someone who is responsible for and cares most about the success of the event. (You may or may not be that stakeholder.) Together, you and your event specialist will discuss the stakeholder’s purpose and vision for the event as well as all of the planning tasks and responsibilities. We've identified 17 tasks that might be part of the planning process, and we’ve split these into 3 buckets to clarify who is usually responsible for what. Our planning checklist offers a closer look at these tasks.

Strategy Bucket

The event stakeholder will:
  • Define the purpose and desired outcome for the event.
  • Gather the guest list or tell us who to invite.
  • Develop event content (speaker, program, schedule, etc.).

Operations Bucket

Together the stakeholder and specialist will:
  • Identify cost estimates and define the event’s budget.
  • Identify and help coordinate event publicity (print pieces, invitation, webpage, online registration, social media, email, university calendar, e-announcement, etc.).
  • Identify and help coordinate event-day materials (name tags, program or handout, gift, etc.).
  • Determine event staffing (key administrators, hosts, greeters, ushers, etc.).
  • Manage event registration.

Logistics Bucket

The specialist will follow through on these tasks as agreed upon with the stakeholder:
  • Reserve campus space.
  • Request traffic, parking, and security support.
  • Request Facilities Management support.
  • Request technical support.
  • Request Sodexo services.
  • Identify thematic elements and suggest decor.
  • Post event signage.
  • Manage miscellaneous event needs such as a photographer, dietary requests, etc.