Conference Services

Benson Great Hall

Benson Great Hall is at the heart of Bethel University's Community Life Center (CLC), which opened in 1994. The hall is a concert environment of the highest acoustical standards and is much admired by performers, recording engineers, and concert-goers. It seats 1,510, with 876 seats on the main floor and 634 seats in the balcony. In addition to accommodating concerts, worship services, convocations, and celebrations, this beautiful auditorium is ideal  for conferences, seminars, multimedia events, large-group meetings, and panel discussions.  

Its unique acoustic design makes Benson Great Hall one of the best performance and recording venues in the Midwest. The space has outstanding natural acoustics as well as interior surfaces that reflect and enhance sound performance. A suspended acoustic canopy reflects sound to both performers and audience. Acoustic control banners allow the hall to shift appropriately for both amplified and unamplified events. Benson Great Hall is also equipped with extensive acoustic and audio-visual control options and a new state-of-the-art speaker system.   

Other signature features include a 4,000-pipe, 67-rank Blackinton organ and motorized rigging facilities over the stage for set work. An optional lower thrust stage puts the speaker or performer closer to the audience, giving flexibility for a variety of audience sizes and program needs. Seating arrangements and special lighting configurations can reduce the perceived size of the hall for smaller groups.

Types of support services:

  • Technical
  • Ticketing
  • Ushering
  • Security
  • Catering
  • Custodial

To learn more about support services, technical specifications, and seating in the hall, click on these links: